Buenos Aires itself is a superlative

by Jorge Luis Borges

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Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the continent's southeastern coast. The Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the third-largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around fifteen and a half million.

Buenos Aires is the most visited city in South America (ahead of Rio de Janeiro) and the second most visited city across Spanish Latin America. It is also one of the most important, largest and most populous of South American capitals.

Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European-style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world. There are direct flights to Buenos Aires from most major Latin American cities, many major US cities (including Atlanta, New York, Washington, Miami, Dallas, Houston) and EU cities (including London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Estambul, Frankfurt, Zurich). There are also direct flights from major cities from the rest of the world (including Johannesburg, Doha, Sydney).

Conference center

The 25th International Conference on Program Comprehension will be held at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). More specifically at the Building San José - Auditoriums UCA (Edificio San José - Auditorios UCA), Av. Alicia M. de Justo 1600.

Note that UCA has several 4 large (very similar) buildings along the Av. Alicia M. de Justo, between roads Azucena Villaflor and Rosario Vera Peñaloza. ICPC will be at the southernmost building, the San José Building. The building on its southern end looks onto Rosario Vera Peñaloza road. However, the entrance to the conference is on the northern end of the building.

More info is available at ICSE Conference Venue.